The RAC | A Typical Day

Christiane Staninger

  • We wake up at 6 a.m.

  • We get ourselves ready.

    • Please keep the restrooms clean.

    • We volunteers have to clean up after you.

    • We might not get invited back if we leave a mess.

  • We take down our tents, pack up our stuff, and take it to the Penske.

  • We fill up our water bottle at the water source (hose) and our Gatorade bottle at the Penske.

  • Chase and Youth Support meet with Sabine and Lauren at 7:30 a.m. at the Penske.

  • We have breakfast.

  • We get your bike ready and check for flats.

  • We leave camp at 8 a.m.

  • We typically have a snack stop, a lunch stop, and another snack stop.

  • Sometimes we regroup (wait for all riders to come in), sometimes we don’t.

  • Chase cars stop along the route every few miles or so; they carry water and diluted Gatorade.

  • After we ride into camp at night, we get our luggage from the Penske and set up your tent.

  • If we have noticed a problem with your bike, we alert bike support volunteers now (and not the next morning at 7.55 am).

  • We relax while the kids run around.

  • We help other people set up their tent

    • or help unload the Penske

    • or cheer in those riders who are coming in after us.

  • Dinner is around 6 pm. We receive wrist bands.

  • We go to the mandatory meeting at 8.

  • We stay for the highly recommended “Ghost Stories by the Camp Fire” event, hosted by Dennis Bueker.

  • We go to bed because we are tired.