Code of Conduct

It is the goal of the YMCA, in collaboration with each Ride Across California participant and volunteer, to provide a healthy, safe, secure and enjoyable environment for all.  Participants and Volunteers are expected to model our core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility at all times.

The RAC is a ride, not a race.

All riders agree to meet the following RAC Expectations:

  • Ride predictably, not competitively
  • Ride as an example for all 5th graders
  • Wear helmets
  • Wear name tags front and back
  • Wear yellow fluorescent vests or jerseys
  • No earbuds or headphones
  • Be punctual
  • No smartphones on 5th graders’ handlebars
  • Do not pass the leader
  • Follow the Rules of The Road:
    • Single file at all times; no overlapping tires
    • Stop individually at all stop signs and traffic lights
    • Use hand signals and communicate
  • Respect volunteers and communities
  • Rules are not up for discussion