2018/2019 Requirements

Camp Pendleton access requirements have changed.  Please visit their site for more information. 

Ride Requirements

To qualify for the RAC ride in April, the following ongoing requirements must be completed:

  • Training Rides

    • You must participate in at least one official RAC training ride per month. You should really ride with us every weekend though . . . we're that fun!

    • Please arrive 15 minutes early.

    • Make sure your water bottles and/or CamelBaks are full.

    • 5th graders need to carry their own water.

    • Don't forget sunscreen!

    • Bring one spare inner tube for each bike (and make sure it's the right size).

  • Training Miles

    • You must ride at least 300 training miles before the RAC begins. This is really the bare minimum. You'll be a lot happier if you train more. The 56 Bike Path isn't very exciting, but it's a good safe option if you want to get a quick ride in. Up and down the full length between Black Mountain Road and the end is 16 miles with some pretty good hills. Click here to see the route.

  • Required Rides

    • Two Escondido Hill Rides (we offer 10 Escondido Rides). Attend all 10 and that's 380 miles right there! Set a new record!