The Chase driver is an essential member of the RAC team.  The primary role of the Chase Driver is to keep the riders safe, hydrated, and fed.  The Chase Driver will be asked to provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Set up and serve lunch
  • Set up and serve snack
  • Provide water along the route
  • Assist riders at intersections and stop signs
  • Assist riders with route navigation
  • Provide guidance to the riders with the help of the RAC Rules of the Road
  • Cheer for riders every time they pass

What does a Chase driver NOT do?

  • A Chase Driver does not direct vehicle traffic
  • A Chase Driver does not stop or interrupt vehicle traffic
  • A Chase Driver does not let a child ride by themselves
  • A Chase Driver does not drive slowly to say hi or photograph riders
  • A Chase Driver does not block traffic by driving too slowly

So you want to be a RAC Chase Driver?  Awesome.  Here's what you need to do.

  • Register for the Ride Across California as a Chase Driver
    • Register at Rancho YMCA Front Desk or
    • Register on the YMCA website
  • Attend Required Chase Driver Meetings
  • Chase two Training Rides.  You’ll be more comfortable if you practice before the RAC.
    • One Escondido Ride
    • One additional Ride